Sunday, January 30, 2011

♥ My BakkOm :D ♥

I've known him last year. He's a friend of My bestfriend, :D Cute guy that I know. Tp mlut lau berckp, xpndi brhnti. :D He always tease me, nduu bh, xpnah la bh sa mnang lau sma dya.
Nice guy, For now. Kinda regret for not accept him when He ask me to be his gf. But nvm, hee.. have my reasons 4 dat. After entering UiTM, there I get to meet him in person. There I get to judge how he is.:) Glad both of us still contact after the two of us met. Hopefully things going out smoothly with him. Slow and steady waiting for the right time to come.

Cross my heart. :D
♥ starting to love U BakkOm. :D ♥

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