Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm moving On.. Again.. :)

Hello Bloggy~ ...

2 days without updating.. SOrry.. Kinda lazy to open "u"..
oh well, its chinese new year today.. Its the year of Rabbit. :D                                            

Happy Chinese New Year To all My chinese Friend. Have a wonderful Year.

Speaking of witch.. 3days sda I didn't contact with him, and within dat 3 days, I kind of slowly forgot about how in love I am to him..  (silly feelin)..
It's not dat I'm desperate having a boyfriend, but I'm lonely wat.. heee...Nevermind laa, maybe its true dat I dun deserve any1 pun.. (poor me).. Having a boyfriend or not having a boyfriend still its the same I guess..
Its better if I'm ridin my solo life.. Freedom, happier as ever.. :D
The best thing to ignore such feeling is by making ourself busy, I've done it, well it works, but it takes time juga oo.. But its worthed anyway..
Now, no more sad feeling, no more fall in love (for awhile).. I'm gonna stay this way for as long as I can..

So long silly feelin.. It's time to let go. (It'll be okay).. :D

Been duin my assignment today..
All done, But still management con dammed. =.=
(need help) !!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Can't Ignore But MissingYou

Dear Bloggy~

Today I went to my old school watched sports event with Cliff.  Huhu. How I missed my high school year. J  Goin back to my old school all the memories just flashed back. How I wish I can turn back time. I met my Ex lg tu, adeh.. 3 of them are there. Andee, Kido & Adeq. Still with our friendship goin on.  J Happy to meet then btw.

So, today saja2 ja mau p skul, just mau buang masa d sna and 1 of my reasons to forget & ignore my stupid feelin.. :’( Sad & heart breaking 4 me, cause I’m starting to fall for Him, but I have to avoid this feeling,  sad huh? I feel like I wanna cry because of this. But thank God I can still hold my tears, inside I am crying though, outside I still can cover my sadness. Warggghh!!! Damn oh this.. L the whole day trying not to text/call him,  but then 8 night I tried to call him, but the number is not active. Huhu. Damn I missed him today. Huhu. I miss talking with him. =.= Miss how he made me laugh till my tummy aches. J  I should avoid this feelin, seriously I should. I know how he’s goin to respond if I tell him how I felt,  biarla sakit hati xbgtau, its better that way. Huhu.

How I wish U know I felt my dear.. But all I can do is kept dis felling myself without letting u know.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Life as a UiTM student. :D

Hectic. Its been 3weeks I'm in UiTM.. Didn't realize, another 11 more weeks lg then big exams. Adeh.. 3 weeks , memories are made. Meeting new friends, many diffrent attitude. Nasib jg jmpa smua yg 1 kepala. :D It was a great experience though. So far studies seemed okayy.. But dunno later, its getting tougher everyday. Well I miss home cooking. :) Cni sllu ja lapar, Poor me. But nevermind, experience tu yg mahal. I enjoy it very much. ngeee.. Having classes together, night study 8 the library.

  Jack Matler :D

  Library Moments. :D
    Classmates. :D

♥ My BakkOm :D ♥

I've known him last year. He's a friend of My bestfriend, :D Cute guy that I know. Tp mlut lau berckp, xpndi brhnti. :D He always tease me, nduu bh, xpnah la bh sa mnang lau sma dya.
Nice guy, For now. Kinda regret for not accept him when He ask me to be his gf. But nvm, hee.. have my reasons 4 dat. After entering UiTM, there I get to meet him in person. There I get to judge how he is.:) Glad both of us still contact after the two of us met. Hopefully things going out smoothly with him. Slow and steady waiting for the right time to come.

Cross my heart. :D
♥ starting to love U BakkOm. :D ♥