Monday, January 31, 2011

Can't Ignore But MissingYou

Dear Bloggy~

Today I went to my old school watched sports event with Cliff.  Huhu. How I missed my high school year. J  Goin back to my old school all the memories just flashed back. How I wish I can turn back time. I met my Ex lg tu, adeh.. 3 of them are there. Andee, Kido & Adeq. Still with our friendship goin on.  J Happy to meet then btw.

So, today saja2 ja mau p skul, just mau buang masa d sna and 1 of my reasons to forget & ignore my stupid feelin.. :’( Sad & heart breaking 4 me, cause I’m starting to fall for Him, but I have to avoid this feeling,  sad huh? I feel like I wanna cry because of this. But thank God I can still hold my tears, inside I am crying though, outside I still can cover my sadness. Warggghh!!! Damn oh this.. L the whole day trying not to text/call him,  but then 8 night I tried to call him, but the number is not active. Huhu. Damn I missed him today. Huhu. I miss talking with him. =.= Miss how he made me laugh till my tummy aches. J  I should avoid this feelin, seriously I should. I know how he’s goin to respond if I tell him how I felt,  biarla sakit hati xbgtau, its better that way. Huhu.

How I wish U know I felt my dear.. But all I can do is kept dis felling myself without letting u know.


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