Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm moving On.. Again.. :)

Hello Bloggy~ ...

2 days without updating.. SOrry.. Kinda lazy to open "u"..
oh well, its chinese new year today.. Its the year of Rabbit. :D                                            

Happy Chinese New Year To all My chinese Friend. Have a wonderful Year.

Speaking of witch.. 3days sda I didn't contact with him, and within dat 3 days, I kind of slowly forgot about how in love I am to him..  (silly feelin)..
It's not dat I'm desperate having a boyfriend, but I'm lonely wat.. heee...Nevermind laa, maybe its true dat I dun deserve any1 pun.. (poor me).. Having a boyfriend or not having a boyfriend still its the same I guess..
Its better if I'm ridin my solo life.. Freedom, happier as ever.. :D
The best thing to ignore such feeling is by making ourself busy, I've done it, well it works, but it takes time juga oo.. But its worthed anyway..
Now, no more sad feeling, no more fall in love (for awhile).. I'm gonna stay this way for as long as I can..

So long silly feelin.. It's time to let go. (It'll be okay).. :D

Been duin my assignment today..
All done, But still management con dammed. =.=
(need help) !!

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